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  Overview & Introduction

Hi there & welcome!

The majority of this training course is presented as .pdf slides. You can zoom in on these for easier viewing (I find 90% the best scale).

There are a few videos, you should be able to double click on those to expand to full screen.

And the printables are in .pdf format as well. However, they are documents, not slides. You can either send to your printer here within the course or download to your computer for safekeeping and printing.

Then finally, at the end of this course, I've included a bonus for you - don't miss out! Scroll down to the thank-you section to see what it is.

One more thing before we get started today, I need to get some housekeeping business out of the way. This course provides much in the way of practical and scientifically proven methods for helping your baby thrive with the right combination of sleep, nutrition, and activities.

I, however, am not a doctor. So just as a knowledgeable person may give out information that may help someone in a legal sense although they're not an attorney, so too am I providing the information in this course. And just as a person would need to give a disclaimer stating they are not an attorney, so too am I now giving that disclaimer.

Here goes:

Whoo, now that's out of the way, let's get into the material shall we?

The Cloud 9 Baby P.L.A.N.S Method Course Overview and Introduction.pdf